API Umbrella

Open Source API Management


API Umbrella is a proxy that sits in front of your APIs.
It can seamlessly add common functionality like api keys, rate limiting, and analytics to any API.


API Keys

Track API usage and control access to your APIs with API keys. API Umbrella provides an API key signup form that an be embedded on any website, or internal APIs you can leverage to create API keys programmatically.

Rate Limiting

Control how many requests each user can make to your APIs to prevent abuse or define usage tiers. Flexible rate limits can be defined ranging from per-second to per-day limits. Different limits can be defined for different APIs or for specific users.


Understand how your API is being used with rich analytics about API requests. View high level summary data, or drill down into the specifics with a flexible analytics querying interface in the admin tool.


API Umbrella integrates a standard HTTP caching layer in front of your APIs. Accelerating your APIs and offloading work from your API servers is as easy as setting standard Cache-Control headers.

Unify your APIs

Provide a single, public entry point to all your APIs and microservices regardless of where your APIs might live behind the scenes or how many APIs you might have. API Umbrella can define how your public endpoints get routed to your API servers.

Make Both API Consumers and API Producers Happy

If you have multiple APIs, API Umbrella can simplify access for API consumers, with a single API key that can be used across different APIs. And by shifting common functionality, like API keys, rate limiting, and analytics outside of any individual API, API producers don't need to implement any of those details over and over again.

Admin Web Interface

An administrative web tool is available to manage all aspects of API Umbrella, including API routing configuration, user management, and viewing analytics.


All administrative functionality is also available via a REST API.


Multiple organizations can co-exist on a single API Umbrella installation with granular admin permissions and the ability to serve multiple domains.

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